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You Are Welcome On Jarrologie !


Thanks for visiting Jarrologie. I hope you will like it !

What is Jarrologie ?
This site is made for everyone, from curious people to fans, who will discover various ressources about Mr Jarre (big quizz, exclusive pictures...). Jarrologie is kept up to date.

What is not Jarrologie ?
This site won't developp news. It gives a summary of most important facts and will guide you to other site with more infos (jarre.net, revolution...). Jarrologie doesn't host any discography. The fact is some that sites have already really good ones (see links).
Jarrologie tries to give you an original content made for all the fans, curious or musicians who will find this site.
To be more accessible, Jarrologie is entirely translated into an english version, please be comprehensive with english mistakes (you can report them by email). Please keep in mind that you can contribute to each sections of this site and that all participations are highly appreciated.
Update from 28/03/05:
Site has been closed after a maintenance operation of the host; some data has been lost, hope to recover them as soon as possible...
Realisation: Julien Alexandre
Please respect copyrights and use the content of this site only for your personnal use.